Why we chose to close our doors:

We were not forced to shut our doors to the public.  We chose to.  We followed the news for weeks.  We watched the daily updates given by our President and our Governor.  We paid attention and researched everything that was being presented.  We made the best possible, informed decision that we could…to protect ourselves, our families, our employees, our valued customers, and our community.  We wanted to do our part to help stop the spread and flatten the curve.  It is our duty as Americans.  As Ohioans.  As members of this community.

If people don’t need to be out, we do not want to encourage or give them a reason to be.  We don’t care how much we are going to lose right now, how much this affects our business right now…the health of our families, employees and customers is far more important than any possible monetary gain.  We are not going anywhere.  Stores that are staying open when they don’t need to be are not there for your benefit, they are there for their own gain.  It is irresponsible.  They know you are bored.  They know you can’t go anywhere else right now.  They are taking advantage of that.  They are not doing anything to help flatten the curve…to help stop the spread of this virus.  

Please stay home for your family’s sake, for the sake of the community, and for the sake of healthcare workers that will have to take care of you, or anyone else who is unnecessarily running around still.  The employees at grocery stores and any other essential business do not need anyone in there hanging out, killing time, etc.  Avoid close contact when you absolutely need to go in anywhere, or better yet, order as much curbside as you can so you don’t have to go in. If you must go in- grab what you need and get home.  And wash your hands!

If you are bored, go for a walk.  Read a book.  Catch up on projects around the house.  Play games with your kids.  Video chat with friends and loved ones.  Make the most of this time at home with your family.  

Thank you for all your support over the years, as we have continued to grow our business.  We appreciate your patronage, loyalty and friendship.  We are still here for you!  Curbside pickup is a great alternative- you can still get what you need to care for your pets and reduce the spread of the virus.  We will re-open to the public in a couple of weeks, however, we will continue to encourage curbside pickup.  When we do re-open to the public, it will be for limited hours, and we will only be allowing 4 customers in at a time (one per household).  It is not a field trip, not an excuse to get out of the house.  We are trying to do our part in the fight against COVID19, while still providing you with the goods and service that you need to care for your pets and be successful in the hobby.  

We will all get through this together.  Please stay home.


With love and hope, 

Your friends at Aquatics Galore Pets & More