Aquarium Maintenance

Aquatics Galore’s team is cross trained in installation, maintenance, and livestock health. This allows the Aquatics Galore Team to consistently and successfully maintain healthy aquariums of all sizes for both new and existing customers. Our wide range of services include regular maintenance, extended tank care, or even one time tank cleanings! Whatever the aquatic need, Aquatics Galore has the resources for you!

Aquarium Move

Fish tanks are one of the last things you want to
breakdown and move. Aquatics Galore can take care of
this for you, from a simple move from one room to
another. Or even from one city to another. Whether is a
fresh or saltwater system. When moving a tank we try
to do the following;

  1.  Try to save 80% of the water from your tank
  2. 5-gallon buckets are used for both tank water and fish.
  3. We ensure all buckets has enough air for your fish.
  4. All coral & plants from the tank are place in bags with
    water from the tank to keep good bacteria on them
  5. We remove remaining water and any decorations from
    the tank to prevent cracks.
  6. For a short move, put your filter media in a sealed
    container. For long moves, either clean or discard your
    filter media.
  7.  We pack pumps, heaters, and other accessories like
    any fragile appliance.
  8. We transport your tank while it’s empty. Having items
    in the tank increases the risk of cracking the bottom of
    it and causing future leaks.

Aquarium Consulting

Don’t have a wet thumb? Aquatics Galore is here to help. We can teach you how to take care of almost anything under water from freshwater to saltwater fish. We consult on what fish are good with other fish/coral and what fish/coral are best kept apart. We enjoy passing our hobby on to others through years of knowlege, let us help you today!

Water Supply

Aquatics Galore mixes up large vats of Red Sea, Reef Crystals and Instant Ocean, as well as RODI water everyday for our customers.

Water Testing

Want us test your tank parameters and make sure everything is on target? Bring in a sample of your water for our expert staff to test, and they will walk you through the results. Both freshwater and saltwater testing offered.